[KS] re: Korean Studies in Tokyo

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Thu Aug 6 00:50:18 EDT 1998

To the List,

The August meeting of the Chosenshi kenkyukai will be held on Saturday,
August 22.  This month's gathering will feature the following.

Hoshiyama Haruko
"Political Characteristics of the Dispatch of Secret Inspectors during the
Reign of Ch'Oljong (1848-1863) (Chousen Tessou-chou (1849-1863) ankou
gyoshi haken no seiji-teki seikaku)"

Book Review:
Kawa Kaoru
"Korean People's Movements and Soejima Michimasa (Chousen minzoku undou to
Soejima Michimasa)" by Cho SOnggu [Kenbun shuppan, 1998]

Time: 1:30 pm
Place: University of Tokyo, Hongo campus, Houbun No. 1-kan (ichi-gou kan),
Room 115
(Todai is a five-minute walk from the Hongo san-choume station on the
Marunouchi subway line, and across the street from a row of used

For more information, please contact Ken Robinson.

PS.  Suggestions for better translations are always welcome.


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