[KS] Your Note

Frank Tedesco tedesco at uriel.net
Sat Aug 1 01:37:55 EDT 1998

Kenneth Wells,

The majority of responses I have received have been encouraging and
thankful for my efforts to inform members about events in Korea, both on
the list and privately.

>Why are you sending us this stuff unbidden?  

I really would like the Korean
>mail list to be for news about members, announcements about Korean
>conferences, positions, etc., and discussion between members over matters
>of fairly wide interest to the members.

Many so-called discussions have been uninteresting to members. Your
contributions have been limited, haven't they? Why do do wish to censure me?
>Your latest contribution even seems distasteful.  

Odd? To whom? Why?

There needs ot be some
>criteria for selection of what you send that all have agreed upon;
>otherwise one wonders what the agenda is.

Mostly culture news from KH or KT when I have time.

I missed meeting you in Canberra when I was there last year. Perhaps we
will meet sometime. I have heard good things about you from friends and




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