[KS] [Fwd: Research Request - Number of libraries in South Korea?]

Robert C. Provine r.c.provine at durham.ac.uk
Thu Dec 10 12:16:40 EST 1998

Dear List:

Anyone able to help her?  Please send any responses direct to her email
address, as she is not a member of this list.



sarah.milligan at blackwell.co.uk wrote:
> Dear Mr Provine,
> I have been passed on your name by Keith Pratt who tells me that you may be
> able to help me with a research request that I have.  I need to find out the
> number of libraries in South Korea split as follows:
>                 a)      Academic Libraries
>                 b)      Medical Libraries
>                 c)      Corporate Libraries.
>                 d)      Government Libraries
>                 e)      Special libraries
> Mr Pratt tells me that you may be able to relay my request world-wide on
> your Korean Studies mailbase network, which would then put me in touch with
> Korean experts everywhere.
> I look forward to hearing from you if you are able to help me.
> Regards
> Sarah Milligan
> Market Research Executive
> Blackwell's
> Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, OX1 2ET.
> TEL: 01865 792792


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