[KS] Re: How should I spell yukkwan in Mc-Reishauer transcript?

Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Wed Jul 8 14:09:11 EDT 1998

Dear Junghee,

	Greetings.  The proper romanization for Yukkwan, the abbot in the
opening scene of the Kuunmong, should be Liu-kuan (Wade-Giles) [or
Liuguan (Pinyin)], at least in the translation by Richard Rutt found in
<italic>Virtuous Women</italic>.  Rutt reasoned that since the story
took place in China, and all the characters as well as places were
Chinese, the proper romanization was Chinese -- Wade-Giles at the time.
 Francisca Cho Bantly's book on the Dream of Nine Clouds titled
<italic>Embracing Illusion</italic>, uses the Pinyin system.  Even if
you choose somehow to give all the characters Korean pronunciations of
the Chinese characters, how do you handle the place names?  You can't
refer to Dongting (or Tongt'ing) Lake as Tongch'0ng Lake, and you
certainly can't call the capital Pukky0ng.  I think those who have
written about the Kuunmong have it right; it has to be in Chinese.  The
only questions is whether you stick to the older Wade-Giles or go to
the newer Pinyin.  Pinyin is probably the way to go there.  My

best regards,



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