[KS] Re: Program crashes

Gary Rector redarrow at uriel.net
Tue Jun 30 21:33:15 EDT 1998

Dear Rob et al.

It's probably going to far to expect someone to completely switch
operating systems, but I will say that I too do all my day-to-day work,
including e-mail, in Linux and have had *zero* crashes or other major
problems for the last two years. I do have to run that pesky Hangul
Windows95 occasionally because of Arae-a Hangul files and other files my
ASCII-ignorant clients give me--and although I run Windows95 only for an
hour or two about once or twice a week, I've had it crash on me several
times, and a couple of those times I've had to reinstall the system! 

Talk about chutzpah. Bill Gates is going to invest in Hangul & Computer,
the makers of Area-a Hangul, on the condition that they discontinue
producing further versions of that program (which enjoys 80 percent of the
word-processing market in Korea). I wish they had the leeway to produce a
Linux version of Area-a Hangul (one that didn't require you to run X) and
could tell Bill Gates to stick it where the sun don't shine, but I know
that's a pipe dream. In any case, I've heard that the Windows98 is
supposed to crash less often than 95, but you won't see me shelling out a
hundred smackeroos to find out whether this is true or not. I'm happy with

Gary Rector


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