[KS] Re: Program crashes- Query

Frank Tedesco tedesco at uriel.net
Tue Jun 30 21:29:47 EDT 1998

Dear List Members:

I am sorry for whatever problems my messages with attachments may have caused.
Could you please tell me which messages and/or attachments they were so I
can figure out what is wrong? I happen to use two different hard drives,
depending on what I am doing-
English Windows 95 & Netscape Gold 3.1 or Korean Windows 95 & Netscape 4
and I send messages from both with a 56K modem from home (in Suyu 5 dong).
I use Eudora 3 for most plain e-mail.

Most of my attachments are web pages from The Korea Times or The Korea
Herald when I think friends on the list would enjoy them. The newspapers
usually do not include accompanying photos which is a pity because some of
them are quite good.
There seems to be an improvement in the quality of articles on Korean
culture, don't you think?

Well, back to the rains & syllabi creation for next semester....

Be well.

Frank Tedesco

PS: Please check out the 5th Asian Congress of Sexology (Seoul, Nov. 25-29)
web page
	at www.cfac.co.kr/~acs  I have been appointed VP responsible for papers on
	sociocultural themes. Your abstracts are welcome despite the late date.
the venue 	has been changed to the Han'guk Kyongje Sinmunsa Bldg- the tall,
new edifice 	behind Seoul 	Station. A good time will be had by all :) !!!
Frank Tedesco, Ph.D.
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Seoul 143-747 KOREA
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"Life is a terminal disease, and it's sexually transmitted."
John Cleese, the Buddhist.


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