[KS] Re: Windows & Korean question

Gary Rector redarrow at uriel.net
Tue Sep 15 21:53:43 EDT 1998


Of course, you're right about ultimately having to format a document
to make the printed version when you use SGML, and indeed I pointed out
that an extra step or two are involved when one uses SGML. I also realize
that LaTeX was written in order to be able mark up text according to the
structure of its content rather than being forced to deal with actual
formatting, as one is when using TeX directly. Nevertheless, LaTeX does
not go far enough. The idea of converting LaTeX to SGML seems like putting
the cart before the horse. In any case, the trend is toward marking up
documentation in the most generalized manner possible, leaving *all*
matters of design, layout, and so on to later stages in document
processing. SGML is the best solution to document mark up that anyone has
come up with to date and is already widely accepted as *the* standard in
many quarters worldwide.

Gary Rector


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