[KS] Re: Windows & Korean question

Otfried Cheong otfried at cs.ust.hk
Tue Sep 15 23:24:57 EDT 1998


There is indeed little doubt possible: if the goal is the most
flexible (and abstract) markup, then SGML is certainly The Right
Solution.  If your data is not, say, a manuscript for a novel or book,
but rather data for a dictionary or catalogue, then SGML is in fact
the only appropriate markup.

The original question was about what software to use to typeset
documents with mixed scripts (which I understand included Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean).  Since SGML is an abstract markup language and
doesn't imply specific software, would you share with us your
experience with writing, editing, and typesetting SGML-formatted
documents using these scripts?


ps. I would still contend that LaTeX markup is as powerful as SGML
markup, and that converting from LaTeX to SGML is not as silly as it
may seem.  However, my reasons for saying that probably do not apply
to anybody else here (the two major ones having to do with the
typesetting of mathematics and the need to teach my co-authors).


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