[KS] a question on aid

Martin Hart-Landsberg marty at lclark.edu
Fri Sep 4 11:54:18 EDT 1998

I wonder if someone on this list could help me with some numbers.

I recently read that Japan, in response to the North Korean missle test,
was halting aid.  The article mentioned that Japan had given the sum total
of $34 million dollars of humanitarian aid since 1995.  Not a huge amount
of money it seems to me.  Does anyone have a total for U.S. aid shipments,
either bilateral or through third parties, to North Korea since 1995 and
the floods, etc.  Although I know the contexts are quite different, I was
interested in a comparison between some of the aid pledges made to
countries like Indonesia (to combat starvation and food shortages) and
what has been pledged to North Korea.

Thanks for your help.

Marty Hart-Landsberg


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