[KS] Re: food culture

Yuh Ji-Yeon jiyeon at sas.upenn.edu
Thu Sep 3 11:58:19 EDT 1998

Dear Prof. Moon,

Thank you very much.

Yuh Ji-Yeon
At 12:00 ¿ÀÈÄ 98-09-03 +0900, you wrote:
>Dear Prof. Yuh,
>Since the message returned, I sent it several times thinking that it had not
>been delivered.  I apologize if it bothered other members in the list.
>Apparently it did since I got your responce.  I do not have Professor Yi's
>email address who has already retired.  For Professor Kim's article I
think you
>may contact him directly to <kokim at prome.snu.ac.kr>.
>Okpyo Moon


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