[KS] Re: Windows & Korean question

Didier Barbas-Victorien dbvic at maincc.hufs.ac.kr
Sat Sep 12 09:36:46 EDT 1998

Dear Frank:

Depends on what you want to do with it. For an intensive usage, I can only
recommend to use a Korean version of Windows (either on another disk or on
the same disk with Norton System Commander). Note that if you can dedicate
a PC for multilingual purposes, the best is still to use Windows 3.1 in as
many languages as you wish, with only one DOS (US for example). It works
fine, and allows you to print out texts in the language of your choice, or
to make Postcript files for use on a US system. Again, that sounds like
DIY, but at least it works, and doesn't crash the computer...


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