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Don Shin to2003 at shinbiro.net
Fri Sep 11 23:52:37 EDT 1998

I guess unionway is the best for your situation. 
Please check this page for their product

BTW, My homepage has some information on Hangul and Computer and a couple of useful links for this problem.

Try 'links' button at homepage.

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Á¦¸ñ: Windows & Korean question

>Hello all:
>A Windows question: What is *the best* solution to work with Korean fonts
>if one has an American (or other Western) version of Windows '97 (or '95 or
>'98) installed and uses the usual word processors like Word for Windows or
>WordPerfect, and already has TwinBridge for Chinese and Japanese?
>Our editor here, for the East Asian Studies series, asked me this today and
>as a Mac user I couldn't answer. The responses to Dr. Junghee Lee's similar
>request a month ago weren't very satisfactory. But there must be a good
>solution, no?
>Thanks for your help!
>Enjoy the weekend.


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