[KS] Re: Windows and Korean /Jap/Chinese?

Evensen executiv at xmission.com
Wed Sep 23 14:04:53 EDT 1998

>Unfortunately, this add-on doesn't work for macs (it's an ".exe" file).
>For macs, use Korean Language Kit, info available from Apple
>(http://www.Apple.com/macos/multilingual/korean.html). Hanmun (4,888 chars)
>is supported.
>Japanese and Chinese language kits are available as well.
>I've gotten it to work fine for Outlook Express; am still working on getting
>to work with IE, though.

It also works with Eudora if you use a free patch that is out floating
around, as well as with Netscape and IE. If you are looking to do a website
in Korean on a Mac your best bet is to use GoLive Cyberstudio.

Scott Evensen
eNet International, Inc.
executiv at xmission.com


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