[KS] Request for Speakers at Stanford

Sungdai Cho sundy at leland.Stanford.EDU
Mon Sep 7 13:58:59 EDT 1998



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 Stanford University

University is pleased to present a new lecture series on Korean
Studies, beginning in the Fall of 1998.  Co-sponsored by the Center for
East Asian Studies and the Department of Asian Languages, this new
lecture series will include lectures in both the humanities and the
social sciences, ranging from traditional to contemporary topics. =20


<bigger><bigger>Two or three scholars will be invited each quarter to
share their current research ideas with the Stanford community.

All speakers will receive a $200 honorarium plus travel, hotel and meal
expenses.   Please send a one-page abstract with a brief CV to the
Korean Program Coordinator at the address below.

	Sungdai Cho

	Department of Asian languages

	Stanford, CA 94305-2034


	650-725-8931 (fax)

	sundy at leland.stanford.edu=20



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