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Dear Professor Moon:
   I would like to receive a copy of the Review of Korean Studies.  My address is listed below.
   Thank you.

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>Dear Colleague,
>Many of you in Korean Studies may have already received a gift copy of
>the inaugural edition of our new English journal, the Review of Korean
>Studies.  [If those who wish to receive one send us their name, position
>and address to us, it will be helpful. This announcement applies to
>anybody who has not recieved this time but believes he/she or his/her
>institution must be included in our mailing list.]
>In the hope of encouraging a more active participation, we plan to
>introduce an International Forum in our journal as a space for a debate
>on current issues in Korean and East Asian Studies, and ask you to
>suggest a suitable topic.  It does not have to be confined to Korean
>Studies as we believe that certain topics like "Asaian values" call for
>a wider audiences and participation.  
>The main purposes of introducing this Forum are first, to help those
>engaged in Korean Studies in different parts of the world exchange
>information about their current interests and concern, and second, to
>search for the ways of relating the issues developed in Korean studies
>to the more general scientific issues of wider comparative and
>theoretical applicability. 
>Your help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.  Additionally,
>we'd like to inform you that any of you who contribute to our Forum will
>be remunerated     appropriately.
>Yours Sincerely,
>Okpyo Moon
>Professor of Anthropology
>Academy of Korean Studies
>Tel 82-342-709-5934
>Fax 82-342-709-2246
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