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Fri Apr 30 01:54:52 EDT 1999

Are you doing your Master's work in Yotsuya or Ichigaya?
I also attend Sophia, and thought if I have ran into you before. Anyway, 
concerning "naka" and "uchi" there are several good English sources at 
Ichigaya library. I suggest you take a look.

>From: Yongtaek Kim <yongta-k at hoffman.cc.sophia.ac.jp>
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>To: korean-studies at mailbase.ac.uk
>Subject: self-introduction & Question.
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:30:29 +0900
>Hi, everyone. I'm so glad to be able to meet you through this wonderful 
>space. I just joined this mailing list about a week ago. This is my first 
>to all of you. Let me introduce myself first.
>My name is Kim yongtaek. I'm 31 year old man, still looking for my another
>half. I graduated from Yonsei Univ.in Seoul 1997 where my major was English
>language & literature. In 1997, I came to Sophia Univ.in Tokyo and changed 
>major into linguistics, especially cognitive semantics. I'm planning to 
>to UCB and UCSD for phd. degree next year after I finish master's degree .
>I hope I can be one of your good freinds.
>By the way, I've got a question. I'm trying to write my thesis for master's
>degree on the semantic expansion of the chinese character 'gaunde jung in
>korean, or 'naka, or jyoo, or choo in Japanese' or 'zhong in Chinese' in 
>three languages respectively. First, I'm trying to compare 6 Korean 
>,'gaunde','--jung' 'an','naebu','sok','imyeon' but I couldn't find any
>material on this. If I can share any idea about these with you, I'd 
>it so much. If you have a good comand of Japanese, I'd like to know your
>opinion on the difference between 'naka' and 'uch'.
>I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
>Take care,
>yongtaek from Tokyo.

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