[KS] Re: New fix for CJK browsing, input, menus and dialog boxes.

Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Sat Apr 10 02:16:24 EDT 1999

Actually I am using the additional fonts of Unionway, and they do the same
thing not only in Internet explorer. So I am using actually all of them
Unionway, with the applied fixes and additional fonts. But also IE 5 with
the additional fonts. Actually Outlook was supposed to have Korean, Chinese
etc. Input as well. and indeed it works. Still my wife prefers Netscape and
Unionway. The new fonts of Unionway are nice, the ones from IE explorer
too, but I must admit, that I downloaded those later, so I can't compare.
Meaning, that I already could read Korean, etc in  IE but the input (only
for windows 98) was not possible before downloading. Mind you if your
computer crashes for one or the other reason and you HAVE to reinstall
windows  than you will have to download all these goodies again since you
don't seem to have an option to download things and store them somewhere as
is the case with the fonts of Unionway. This is a special warning for all,
who are still using a modem and are not connected through a network card



At 04:03 AM 4/10/99 , you wrote:
>Of note on translingual web browsing. I have recently downloaded Internet
>Explorer 5 for Windows. The standard version does not allow CJK input and
>browsing, etc. but by downloading it to custom preferences or returning to
>the Windows Update page http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/, you can scroll
>forthcoming, I suppose.
>Jim Freda
>jfreda at ucla.edu
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