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Dr. Henry Kim koreanamericanliterature at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 14:06:11 EDT 1999

hello everybody!

here's more questions regarding Korean American
literature - thanks again for everybody's help :-)

(1) does anybody know of any dissertations or articles
comparing Korean literature and Korean American
literature? who are the scholars I might contact?

(2) does anybody know who are the scholars I could
contact who have studied the following early novels?
1921 PHILLIP JAISOHN "Hansu's Journey"
1928 IL-HAN NEW "When I Was a Boy in Korea"
1940 NO-YONG PAK "Chinaman's Chance"
also, does anybody know of copies of these novels
that I could buy or examine? esp. "Hansu's Journey"
and "Chinaman's Chance" lastly, does anybody know of
any dissertations or articles written on these novels?


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