[KS] Re: self-introduction & Question.

Yongtaek Kim yongta-k at hoffman.cc.sophia.ac.jp
Fri Apr 30 02:37:48 EDT 1999

Hi, Jackie. 
I go to Yotsuya. Do you happen to know Lee sang min who used to be a Ichigaya
student last year as an exchange student. If my memory is correct, I think I 
had lunch with you at Indian restaurant around Ichigaya with lee and another
Korean female who I forgot her name, maybe Park who is lee's classmate at 
Seogang Univ. in Korea. I think you were talking about Osaka's okonomiyaki.
Am I right? I'm not sure. ^ ^
Anyway thank you very much for your advice. 
By the way, I wonder if you could let me know the title of english resources 
about 'uchi'and 'naka'. Sorry, Jackie.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care,


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