[KS] Re: Question RE Cemeteries in North Korea...

Sallie Yea Sallie.Yea at vuw.ac.nz
Sun Apr 11 16:28:56 EDT 1999

Dear Carol,

I am a lecturer in cultural geography in N.Z. and am currently working on
the memorialisation of 5.18 (1980 Kwangju Uprising) as part of some
post-Doc work. I've not come across anything written on this topic for
Korea, or anyone else working on it. But I'm quite happy to supply you with
a working paper I've just finished on Mangowl-dong (5.18 cemetary), if
you're interested.


Sallie Yea.

Sallie W. Yea
Dept of Geography
Victoria University of Wellington
P.O. Box 600 Wellington NEW ZEALAND


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