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Dear John,

Thank you for your help regarding my thesis. I appreciate it. 

Yours sincerely,

Jan Wuppermann

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>Dear Jan,
>Good luck with your research. I assume that you will be monitoring 
(at least) the Korea Herald and Korea Trade and Industry online 
editions, which will at least tell you what is happening and when.
>However, you might like also to question what competitiveness is and 
means and whether changes of ownership in industries which have, in 
many cases, relied to various extents upon low cost manufacturing 
techniques and aggressive overseas penetration constitute sustainable 
competitiveness in a changed international environment. 
>In this vein (and at Master's level ; ) ), you  might usefully look 
at Porter's work on clusters of industries and related organisations 
(there is a useful article in the Harvard Business Review at the end 
of last year which will save you slogging through his lengthier 
works). I would also look at the publications of the Economic 
Development Board of Singapore (much material is available free and 
on-line) for detailed and explicit policies concerning the upgrading 
of industrial competitiveness through improving technology and adding 
value to existing activities. 
>That should give you something to think about at least.
>Best wishes,
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>>>> "Jan Wuppermann" <j_wuppermann at hotmail.com> 04/14/99 01:41am >>>
>I am a German business student and currently writing my M.A. thesis 
>the restructuring of Korean conglomerates. Particularly, I conduct 
>research as to whether the changes being currently implemented at the 
>top five chaebol are sufficient to ensure their medium- to long-term 
>I kindly appreciate any suggestions with respect to appropriate 
>literature worthwile to consult and/or any other suggestions. 
>In appreciation, I thank you.
>Jan Wuppermann (j_wuppermann at hotmail.com)   
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