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Wed Apr 14 18:56:27 EDT 1999


Dear  Friend of Korea:
        My name is Ross King, and I am Associate Professor of Korean at the
University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. But my reason for
writing you concerns yet another hat I wear, that of Dean of the new Korean
Language Village at Concordia Language Villages in northern Minnesota.
        As a child, I attended the Concordia Language Villages in the
1970s--five summers as a villager at the Spanish, Russian and German
villages. Before college, I also spent two summers as a staff member at the
Russian and German villages. After that it was on to university at Yale and
grad school at Harvard, and somehow or other I have ended up as a professor
of Korean language and literature. But the whole languages thing started
with the Concordia Language Villages.
        I am hoping you can help me. The Korean Language Village,
appropriately named "Sup sogui Hosu" (all the Concordia Language Villages
have names which translate roughly as 'Lake in the Woods') will run for
just two weeks in June 1999 (plus a week of orientation and training for
staff; contract dates are June 5-27) for its first summer next year, and
expand to four or more weeks  in the summer of 2000. My greatest concern
for the next few summers will be putting together a committed and talented
staff that is willing to devote its talents to getting this new village off
the ground.
        Of course, the ideal kind of staff counselors would be 'Korean
speakers' (the phrasing is deliberately ambiguous) who had attended or are
currently attending university in North America and thus are familiar with
both Korean and North American culture. We are especially eager to hire
dynamic, outgoing Korean speakers with experience working with young
people. We are particularly eager to hire Korean speaking staff who can
lead activities in Korean ethnic sports, music, dance or arts.
        So, if you think you have the sorts of talents (including at least
reasonably good ability in Korean  language) our Korean language village
would need, and if you think you might be interested, I encourage you to
submit an application for a staff position. I would also be more than happy
to discuss the village with you by phone or email.
        If you are not interested, but perhaps know somebody else who would
be both interested in and appropriate for a staff position, do please pass
along the information. In fact, I would be very grateful if you could
spread the word in any way at all, whether in terms of staff recruitment or
villager recruitment.
        You can get more information and forms directly from the Concordia
Language Villages office by calling their 800 number: 800-222-4750, or by
emailing them at clvoffice at cord.edu. If you would like to discuss the
Korean village with me, feel free to call me at the office at UBC:
604-822-5428, or else email me at jrpking at unixg.ubc.ca.
        Thank you for your attention, and I hope you can help in some way
with the new Korean language village.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Ross King
Associate Professor of Korean,


Dean, Korean Language Village
Concordia Language Villages


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