[KS] Re: class continuity

KAHS kahs at arkay-intl.com
Tue Apr 20 18:29:39 EDT 1999

Try Cumings' "The Origins of the Korean War" (part one) for a detailed 
narrative of how they set themselves up politically during the 2-year period
following liberation to hold onto power thereafter. Palais also deals with
this, I believe.

Matthew Benuska

> Hello all:
>  My name is Steve Choi, and I'm a Master's student in Korean
> Studies at the University of Hawaii.  I'm interested in the issue of class
> continuity in modern Korea, specifically if the upper class-elite has held
> on to its power from the colonial (or earlier) times to the present and
> how it has done so.  I've seen numerous allusions to this being a matter
> of great debate, but I have yet to see an English-language source that
> deals extensively with this.  Can anybody help me on this?  Thanks.
>  Steve Choi


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