[KS] Re: class continuity

Steven Kyung Choi choistev at hawaii.edu
Thu Apr 22 21:38:44 EDT 1999

Hey all:

	Thanks to everyone for their advice; it's been very helpful.  But
I do have a question - Cumings, as well as many others, seems to think the
Korean War and the 1949-1950 land reform wiped out the landlord elite who
dominated the KDP and Rhee's gov't.  So I'm not entirely sure what happens
to the landlord elite after all.  Do they stay in power?  are superseded
by the newly emergent bourgeoisie?  become the bourgeoisie themselves?  
If there are any works on these topics, any information would be much

	Steve Choi

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, KAHS wrote:

> Try Cumings' "The Origins of the Korean War" (part one) for a detailed 
> narrative of how they set themselves up politically during the 2-year period
> following liberation to hold onto power thereafter. Palais also deals with
> this, I believe.
> Matthew Benuska


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