[KS] Re: Digest of korean-studies - volume 1 #214

Dr. Frank Tedesco tedesco at uriel.net
Mon Apr 19 00:53:14 EDT 1999

>Can anyone give me some "initial advice" as to where I might begin to
>locate historically important and/or contemporary English languages
>sources (books, articles, WWW links, etc.) on the women's movement,
>women's rights activists, and/or women challenging forms of inequality
>in Korea?  Thank you in advance: your assistance is greatly appreciated!

It will behoove you to look into to the AJWS- Asian Journal of Women's Studies
published by Ewha Womans University Press (Yes - this is the 'official'
E-mail: acwsewha at nownuri.net  and other publications from the same university.

Good luck.

Frank M. Tedesco

The seven grounds for divorce in Confucian Korea were failure to produce a
infidelity, theft, mental or physical incapacity, garrulity (i.e. nagging),
and disobedience to one's parents-in-law. 


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