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Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Mon Apr 26 04:50:26 EDT 1999

Dear En Young,

Try using Unionway. It's a program you can download at www.unionway.com and
you can decide in your trial period if you want to use it. Another
possibility is twinbridge, but I am not sure if you can use it for Korean.
We use Unionway already for a long time, satisfactory. Though the latest
version of Internet explorer 5 with outlook 5 and a special downloadable
update from micro$oft gives you the possibility to enter Korean and Chinese
(Of course only in [some] m$ products.

I hope this helps

For more questions please write me off the list.


>My name is En Young Ahn. I am a PhD student at Visual Arts Department,
>Meanwhile, I am seeking a little technical advice. I have a laptop,
>Toshiba 410CDT, which runs Window 95. I'd like to install a program,
>which I can create Korean (with Chinese characters)  language files,
>write email in Korean, without interfering with my existing English
>Thank you for your attention.
>En Young Ahn
>freelance writer &
>PhD candidate, Visual Arts, Monash University, Australia

Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)

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