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Katarzyna Cwiertka pieceofcake at wxs.nl
Fri Aug 13 02:26:59 EDT 1999

I have just become a member of this list a few minutes ago, and honestly
a few days ago I haven't even known that it existed. My only excuse for
this might be the fact that I am a Japan-specialist who rather suddenly
(about a month ago or so) developed interest in colonial Korea.
My research so far has focussed on the modernisation of Japanese food
culture in the first half of the twentieth century, and covered a wide
range of issues, such as  home economics education, dietetics, military
diet, food industry etc. As I became increasingly involved in the study
of the Japanese colonial expansion, still in relation to food, the link
to Korea seemed quite logical. I very much hope that you can (and will)
help me with a number of questions.

1) Do you know of any research on modern Korean food history (in
English, Korean or Japanese)?
2) Which women's magazines were published in Korea in the 1920's and
1930's in both Korean and Japanese? (and eventually where can I find
3)Is there any publication concerning the introduction of nutritional
science in Korea? (any language will do)
4) Where can I find the article of Lee, Cherl-Ho, 'Changes in the
Dietary Patterns, Health, and Nutritional Status of Koreans during the
Last Century' included in "Korean and Korean-American Studies Bulletin"
6:1 (Spring 1995): 32-47?

Hopefully I did not make an impression that I expect other people to do
all the homework for me. Please, understand that my adventure with
Korean food history has just began and I feel rather lost...
I sincerely count on your help!!
I am also looking forward to other discussions on the list.
best wishes


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