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Hello. I am not sure but as far as I remember, two oldest newspaper groups, 
Chosun, and Dong-A published women's magazines in the 1930s.
Both newspapers still survive today.

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>Subject: first time
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>I have just become a member of this list a few minutes ago, and honestly
>a few days ago I haven't even known that it existed. My only excuse for
>this might be the fact that I am a Japan-specialist who rather suddenly
>(about a month ago or so) developed interest in colonial Korea.
>My research so far has focussed on the modernisation of Japanese food
>culture in the first half of the twentieth century, and covered a wide
>range of issues, such as  home economics education, dietetics, military
>diet, food industry etc. As I became increasingly involved in the study
>of the Japanese colonial expansion, still in relation to food, the link
>to Korea seemed quite logical. I very much hope that you can (and will)
>help me with a number of questions.
>1) Do you know of any research on modern Korean food history (in
>English, Korean or Japanese)?
>2) Which women's magazines were published in Korea in the 1920's and
>1930's in both Korean and Japanese? (and eventually where can I find
>3)Is there any publication concerning the introduction of nutritional
>science in Korea? (any language will do)
>4) Where can I find the article of Lee, Cherl-Ho, 'Changes in the
>Dietary Patterns, Health, and Nutritional Status of Koreans during the
>Last Century' included in "Korean and Korean-American Studies Bulletin"
>6:1 (Spring 1995): 32-47?
>Hopefully I did not make an impression that I expect other people to do
>all the homework for me. Please, understand that my adventure with
>Korean food history has just began and I feel rather lost...
>I sincerely count on your help!!
>I am also looking forward to other discussions on the list.
>best wishes
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