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When is the Korean Film Series scheduled?

--- Charles Rd K Armstrong <cra10 at columbia.edu> wrote:
> The 1992 film "Hayan chonjaeng" ("White War", but
> translated for foreign
> distribution as "White Badge") is based on the novel
> of the same name by
> Ahn Junghyo, a Vietnam War vet who also translated
> his novel into Engish.
> The novel is widely available in the US, and as far
> as I know is the only
> first-hand treatment of the Korean experience in
> Vietnam in English. For
> those who will be in the New York City area this
> fall, "White Badge" will
> be part of the Korean Film Series to be shown at
> Columbia University; the
> film is scheduled for sometime in October or
> November. Also, the Korean
> Cultural Service at the ROK consulate in New York
> has a copy that visitors
> can screen on request.
> 						Charles Armstrong 
>  On Wed, 11 Aug 1999 carlwebb at asiafind.com wrote:
> > Have any movies been produced about the experiance
> of korean veterans of the Vietnam War?
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