[KS] Two New Books on Korean Shamanism

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Mon Aug 16 15:24:49 EDT 1999

16 August, 1999

Dear list members,

Some time ago, somebody asked whether there existed a complete English 
translation of Yi Kyubo's 'Nomu p'yOn (The Old Shamaness)'. I would like to 
let you know that it is included in my new book which has recently been 
published by Chimmundang Publishing Co. in Seoul.  The book (hard back only) 
is entitled  'Korean Shamanism and Cultural Nationalism', and contains 422 
pages with 28 colour photographs that I took during my recent fieldwork among 
the Korean shamans. 

The other book (also hard back only), entiltled 'Kut: Happiness Through 
Reciprocity', was published in Budapest by Akademiai Kiado, in 1998.  It  
contains 264 pages with 25 colour plates. 

The two books complement each other, the former being a comparative study of  
Korean musok and other shamanisms of the world, and the latter an 
anthropological research into contemporary shamanistic practices. The former 
is based largely on analysis of historical and other documents, and the 
latter on my fieldnotes.

If anybody is interested in obtaining either or both of these books, please 
contact me directly.  I can arrange for a special discount. 


Hyun-key Kim Hogarth (Dr.)

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