[KS] Any movement for kingship in the colonial period

Jong-Hwa Shin syreg at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 16 15:19:55 EDT 1999

Dear Member

I am a Ph.D student doing research on the origin of Korean modernity.
Not with food, but for political orientations in Korean actors in the 
colonial period. What I want to find in the current stage, so hope to 
receive any advice from you, is the writings covering, or partly dealing 
with the movements for kingship(Chosun Dynasty)restoration  since 1905. 
Especially, I am very interested in the movement or any political, 
intellectual discourse after 1926(the year of funeral ceremony of the last 

Please let me know the literature concerned which is published in English, 
French, or Korean. Thank you in advance.

Best Wishes

SHIN Jong-Hwa

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