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Hi everyone,

There are some interesting exhibitions at the Seattle Asian Art Museum
now, and I encourage you to visit Seattle.  I would love to hear from
anyone passing through.

"Explore Korea: A visit to Grandfather's House" Opens October 23, 1999
The Year of Korea

Come visit the traditional Korean house constructed in the Asian Art
Museum's Gallery for Korean Art.  Designed as an interactive experience
that allows visitors to enter the rooms freely, the house reflects the
feeling of a traditional village home.  The exhibition is based on Explore
Korea: A Visit to Grandfather's House, which was organized by The Newark
Museum, Newark, New Jersey.

"Modern Masters of Kyoto"
The Year of Japan
August 19, 1999 - February 13, 1999
The term nihonga distinguishes itself from the newly introduced Western
oil painting known as yoga, those paintings executed with traditional
pigments, by traditional methods, and in traditional media.  Nihonga
artists saw the challenge as one of preserving cultural identity in their
art while creating modern expressions.
The Griffith and Patricia Way Collection of Kyoto nihonga painting
focuses exclusively on the art of Kyoto painters, and the exhibition
Modern Masters of Kyoto presents more than eighty examples of hanging
scrolls and folding screens.  Works by over forty artists date from the
1860s to the 1940s, and through these paintings the exhibition
demonstrates the transition and transformation that occurred in Kyoto
School painting.

"Woven Symbols: Chinese Garments and Textiles"
April 22, 1999 - April 2, 2000
Witty and fantastic images endowed with auspicious meaning are the focus
of this exhibition of Chinese garments and textiles.  Intricately woven
and beautifully embroidered, the images range from the familiar
five-clawed imperial dragon to the subtle representations of Taoist and
Buddhist immortals.

"Worlds of Fantasy: Chinese Shadow Puppets"
Through April 2, 2000
This exhibition features dramatic shadow puppets, including mythical
beasts from the Chinese cosmos, wild animals poised for action, and a rich
array of human characters depicted in theatrical painted face and
classical attire akin to that of Chinese opera.

"Wonders of Clay and Fire: Chinese Ceramics through the Ages.  Selections
from the Kiurutang Collection and the Jinglexuan Collection"  Ongoing

(Seattle Art Museum Program Guide and Members News)


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