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>>2) Which women's magazines were published in Korea in the 1920's and
>>1930's in both Korean and Japanese? (and eventually where can I find

Food and women .. well, well...
The first women's magazine in Korea was _Kadyông chapchi_, published from
1906-1908 by Yu Il-sôn, and from August 1907 by Sin Ch'ae-ho. Then there
was _Nyôja chinam_, published by Yun Ch'i-ho and others in 1908. In both
cases the magazine titles were in han'gûl, and as one may easily guess from
the editor names these were publications by the reformer groups (Kabo,
Independence Club, ...).
After that I believe it was only in the 1920s that more women's magazines
were published in Korean -- not sure about Japanese language magazines
before the March First Movement for women. In the 1920s and 1930s there
were:  _Yôja siron_ (1920, 5 issues), _Sinnyôja_ (1920, 3 issues), _Puin_
(1922-1923, 13 issues), _Siyôsông_ (1923-1934, 38 issues), _Punyô chigwang_
(1924-?), _Hwalbunyô_ (1926-1927, 7 issues), _Punyô segye_ (1927-?),
_Hyôndae puin_ (1928-?), and _Yôsông chiu_ (1929, 2 issues), _Yôsông sidae_
(1930, 2 issues), _Yôsông chosôn_ (1930-1932, 27 issues), _Yôin_ (1932, 16
issues), _Puin kongnon_ (1932, 4 issues), _Hyôndae kajông kongnon_ (1931-),
_Man'gug puin_ (1932-), _Sin'gajông_ (1933-1936, 45 issues), _Yôsông_
(1934-), _Yôsông_ (1936-1940, 57 issues).
>From 1937/8 all magazines were published in Japanese; if trying to locate
journals for these period in European or U.S. libraries you may find these
titles transcribed in Japanese pronunciatian -- but I doubt it.
There is a great bibliography of all the articles in major Korean journals
(incl. some women's magazines) of the colonial period that I have used a
lot for my research. It is compiled by Kim Kûn-su and published a several
parts in the journal _Asea yôn'gu_ [Asiatic Research Bulletin] which you
will find in all major Korean studies libraries -- certainly in Leiden --
published between March 1968 (vol. 11, no. 1) and June 1970 (vol. 13, no.

Locating Korean magazines in Europe:  visit the AKSE home page
and look for info about the _Union Catalogue of Korean Periodicals in Europe_.

Hope this helps.


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