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Mon Dec 27 20:20:46 EST 1999

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The "World Congress on Environmental Design for the New Millennium", planned by the Presidential Commission for the New Millennium in Korea will be held under the theme "Creativity Respecting Human, Earth and Culture" from November 8 to 22, 2000 in Seoul, Korea.

The Congress - organized by Yonsei University, sponsored by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, and implemented by the Preparatory Committee - aims to collect world wisdom and creativity to shape our built environment for the next Millennium: The Congress involves three distinctive but related conferences: the World Conference on Universal Design; the World Conference on Green Design; and the World Conference on Cultural Design.

The World Conference on Universal Design will focus on issues related to preserving human dignity and equality thereby creating more humane environment where design democracy will be realized; The World Conference on Green Design will devote on issues related to sustainable concept which centers on building ecologically sound environment; The World Conference on Cultural Design will examine ways to provide a common ground where the traditional, the present, future and the diverse cultures coexist in harmony. Throughout the Congress, common topics such as creativity, future paradigm, and digital future will be addressed irrespective of the specific Conference topics.

A Students Conference will also be held in conjunction with the Congress to transfer the wisdom of the currently active professionals to the students - the future leaders in this field; to enhance and upgrade their creative minds; and to provide them with a chance to have international field experience and to interact with other international students.

The Congress will feature paper presentations by some 60 world renowned scholars, researchers, educators, design advocates and stimulators who are invited to share and discuss with thousands of participants their works and visions. A special debate session is also scheduled to be held at the end of each Conference where all the relevant speakers will gather together to debate on their respective visions and ideas. 

The official language is English and simultaneous translation service in several languages for the key presentations will be provided to facilitate communication and interaction among the participants of the Congress.

A number of various events will be held in conjunction with the Congress. These events include exhibitions and cultural programs where a variety of unique Korean cultures will be introduced providing you with a chance to have access to diverse Korean cultures and visions.

If any of you wish to know more about the Congress, please email us your address and we will to send you our brochures. You can also visit our website for more detailed information.

It is my sincere hope that you find time to take part in the Congress and share with other participants valuable experiences and insights.

Sincerely yours,

Yeunsook Lee, Ph.D.
Chair, Preparatory Committee 
World Congress on Environmental Design for the New Millennium

Website Address of the Congress : http://www.millenniumEd.org.
Email Address of the Congress : seoul2000 at millenniumed.org

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