[KS] Namp'o steelworker's strike

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 29 19:43:40 EST 1999

Dear list members:

Over the last few years I have learned how useful this particular
discussion list can be. Please forgive me if I am reposting my earlier
inquiry from October. Getting any info about this strike is very important
for me, so I dare to ask you again to be so kind to share any knowledge you
may have on this. I checked my usual sources for political movements of the
1930-1948 period but could not find anything.  (Sorry! I won't post
anything twice in the future, this is a one-time exception.)

I wonder if any of you have ever come across any information, as short as
it may be, about a steelworkers' labor strike in the harbor city of Namp'o
(northwestern Korea) -- either during the colonial period or under Soviet

Have a wonderful New Year!

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