[KS] Mac OS 8.6 & KLK query

Kevin P. Parks Adv97 Kevin.P.Parks.Adv97 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Tue Dec 14 04:47:33 EST 1999

Sorry to post a technical question to the list, but don't know
any other place where i might get an answer to this particularly
annoying problem.

When you have multiple language kits installed on a macintosh
you are able to cycle through the various keyboard sets using

(apple = flower = command, i wish apple would decide what the
heck they want to call this key once and for all)

This way one can switch from English/Roman input to
Korean/Hangul without having to take your hands off the keyboard
and reach for the menu with the mouse.

For some dumb reason hitting apple-spacebar cycles me around the
various keyboards (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) but skips over Korean
input. They only way to switch is to do it with the mouse. When
i try to customize the keyboard menu no option shows for Korean
under the script pull-down even though it is there as an icon in
the keyboard menu and Korean shows up as a script in the text
control panel. What the heck is going on here?  I have 8.6 and
the 8.1 Language kit updates, etc. but no go.  I am writing
documents that alternate English and Korea *very* often and it
is making me bananas!

Anyone else come across this problem?  Anyone know how to solve

Perhaps if anyone knows what i am talking about they could
respond off-list to avoid further clutter.

There used to be a Korean Mac users list and usenet group but i
think that has disappeared.

Apple doesn't deserve the few Korean customers that it has.

kevin parks 
Seoul Institute of the Arts

kevin at raven.dartmouth.edu


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