[KS] Re: Globalization and Cultural Identity; Globalization and everyday life in Seoul

michael robinson mrobinso at indiana.edu
Sat Dec 4 11:13:04 EST 1999

Dear Jamie: 

I read your request regarding your project on our list.  It sounds like an
interesting study.  I have two comments.  One, it seems a group of upper
middle class Ewha women might not be a test for globalization at all,
considering already long established consumption patterns, social postion,
and expectations.  You will learn that they are globalized.  Secondly,
have you prepared for your study with a consideration of the historical
context of globalization over the last 80 years or so in Korea, and Seoul
in particular.  Admittedly, your query is a short one, but it reads as if
globalization is some new phenomenon.  It is, rather, a renaming of a
process already extensively studied and commented upon in secondary
literature in Korean and English.  Not to mention the very good work on
modernity and its effects in Japan.  Good luck with the project. 

Mike Robinson 


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