[KS] Re: Globalization and Cultural Identity; Globalization and everyday life in Seoul

Gwang Ok g.ok at strath.ac.uk
Sun Dec 5 20:13:14 EST 1999

Dear Jamie Paquin,

You may expend the class category to professionalists, such as
educationalists, journalists, and so on.  I think it is also possible to get
on line for your interviewing them. The reason I suggest may be found in my
personal opinion that people in Seoul are composed by various backgrounds -
for instance, many of them are not original citizens of Seoul - and very
individualised.  I think they are mostly intelligent and well aware of the
globalisation, especially in a difficult situation in terms of economy
caused by a effect of the globalisation, perhaps.

If you are in York in UK, you may also contact some Korean females who have
been studying here.  I am in Glasgow actually.  In the Glasgow Korean
Community, there are some Korean females, I am sure they may be your
interviewers.   They are mostly in Glasgow University and Strathclyde

Good luck.

Strathclyde University
Dept. of Educational Studies


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