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Wed Feb 10 08:38:07 EST 1999

For Peter Morris, and anybody else interested in bibliographies

Thanks for your kind message.  Glad that "Korea: An Introduction" still 
has some value, but it isnow ten years' out of date, and the Macdonald 
book has just been revised and reissued.

The Clio bibliography on Korea (vol. 204 in the series) is, i 
understand, going to be available on the net some time this year. Susan 
and I are currently adding 'between 50 and 100' new entries to the 
original.  If anybody is interested in taking this on on a regular 
basis, let me know. Clio pay £8 (? about US$14) per entry of max. 150 
words. We do not want to carry on doing this for ever, so if soembody 
needs the cash...

Jim Hoare

In message <v01510104b2e7934f2527@[]>, Pete Morriss 
<pete.morriss at nuigalway.ie> writes
>Dear Jim,
>        Your message to the Korean List on Collaboration (which I enjoyed,
>incidentally) reminds me that I have been meaning for ages to write to you
>to thank you for dropping me the publication details of your bibliography
>on Korea (last April!).  I took your advice and ordered it for the library;
>it duly arrived, and I read it and found it most useful indeed.  I was
>(genuinely) most impressed by the amount of work that must have gone into
>it, and the sagacity (and wit) of the summaries.  I even found myself
>reading through it for fun - like a normal book, but not what one normally
>does with a bibliographical listing (I would have thought).  I have, as a
>result, ordered many books for our library; these have now arrived (in the
>main) and the course has started and seems to be going satisfactorily.  At
>least one of my main worries - that there would not be enough suitable
>sources for the studetns to read - has been more than eliminated.
>        Incidentally, whilst I am singing your praises (which I normally
>have a standard British aversion to doing), there was a copy in the library
>anyway of your and Susan's book (though I'd be intrigued to know who
>ordered it).  I've put that on the reading list and the students seem to
>find it more helpful than the other alternatives I've listed - at least at
>getting them started.  (My main other course texts are Cumings' recent one
>[which I like]; Macdonald's [which I personally find rather boring] and the
>history by Carter Eckert at al [which is really too detailed for my
>purposes] - I think Cumings and you are far more readable, and much better
>at giving a feel for the place, rather than just a mass of facts.)
>        Anyway, many thanks again for your kind thought - and for your
>efforts in compiling the work in the first place.
>                All the best,
>                                Pete


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