[KS] Help needed: Korean Studies program

oh oh at students.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 18 15:21:02 EST 1999

Dear list members:

Here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a group of undergraduate and
some graduate students are trying to establish Korean Studies program in our
campus.  So far, we only have a language course in Korean as a part of the
curriculum at the department of East Asian Languages and Literature.  There
is no regular faculty member who can teach courses of Korean studies, and no
such course has ever been offered.  (I myself is merely a ABD/instructor
teaching Korean, while majoring in Chinese linguistics.)  Students have no
other choice but to look for other schools if they want to further their
education in Korean studies.

We are in desperate need of advice, suggestions, ideas of any sort, from
those who have extensive experiences in the field of Korean studies.
Currently, we are holding small lecture series on Korean studies, while
having meetings, passing around petition, and contacting people who might be
able to help us.  Quite frankly, however, we still feel lost, not knowing
whom to meet, what to do next, and when to expect to see this happen.
People in the school administration and departments do not seem much
enthusiastic about establishing Korean studies as an academic program.
Oftentimes, what we hear in their replies is that there is no fund available
for it.

If you have any advice, anything at all, please let us share it.  (We would
also appreciate examples of curricula in Korean studies.)

Thank you very much for your attention, and for your help in advance.



Young Kyun Oh
Lecturer in Korean
The University of Wisconsin-Madison


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