[KS] Again: Factions

Rüdiger Frank h0727cej at rz.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 8 03:05:48 EST 1999

Dear list,

I have received this request, but unfortunately can answer nothing but that
there has not been any reaction yet. So here is the second try; any commets
are highly appreciated.

>Dear Mr Frank/Rudiger,
>        Some months ago you sent the following message to the Korean
>Studies list.  Did you ever get any replies?  If so, I would be very
>grateful if you could pass anything you found on.
>        Perhaps I should say that I have just started teaching a short (and
>very elementary) course on Korean Politics - hence my interest.  I have
>accumulated my own partial listings of factions (in a very unsystematic
>way); but I would share your interest in seeing a comprehensive listing
>with, if possible, explanations of what the factions are (and why).
>        Many thanks - and sorry for piggy-backing on your effort,
>                                Pete Morriss

Orignal message:
>>the political parties in South Korea are not homogenous, but consist of a
>>number of factions - Minju faction, Minjung faction, Tonggyo-faction etc.
>>Does anybody know exactly, which factions exist in the major parties (NCNP,
>>GNP, ULD) and how they are characterised? Is there any comprehensive and
>>actualized publication on this topic (in English or Korean) you could
>>Thank you very much,
>>Rüdiger Frank

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