[KS] Re: Help needed: Korean Studies program

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 18 20:24:19 EST 1999

The saying is that change in the academy is like moving a graveyard.  And
it's always the case that administrators don't have enough money to run the
programs that are already  on their books, which is why sabbatic leaves are
not such a completely philanthropic gesture: they save half a year's salary
every six or seven years.  The difficulty,, though, imposed by limited
resources and the slow pace of change is that those who may feel most
directly the need for change, students, will be gone after an interval.  So
one needs to keep a very long lead-time in mind, and have some other way of
sustaining the effort for the interval.  Eventually someone or some
organization may step forward with the funds needed to turn a temporary, or
fly-in-twice-a-week arrangement, into something (slightly) more permanent.
Folks like Wayne Paterson are the (mostly) unsung heroes in the story of
the field's development.  Add to the list the dozens of instructors who
work for the love of teaching, and a sense of deep obligation and
commitment to Korea.

D. McCann


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