[KS] Thank You

goodwin goodwin at nas.net
Wed Feb 3 10:57:08 EST 1999

Dear Mr. Hoffmann and Mr. Wells,

I can't thank you both enough for the "bibliographic sized" lists of
references you forwarded to the list and to me personally.  Truly

Mike Goodwin
goodwin at nas.net

P.S.  Several months ago I inquired whether a reference CD-Rom I'd heard
about ("Korean Bibliographic Database", or something like that), and
which the Korean Institute at Harvard was supposed to be producing, was
complete yet and available for purchase?  It didn't appear in any of the
major library acquisitions "trade" catalogs.  Has anyone any information
on it?  Thank You.

Also, I had picked up on your earlier reference to De Ceuster's
and will explore the possibility of purchasing a copy through


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