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Wed Feb 3 12:20:17 EST 1999

Good morning everyone,

At Jacqueline Pak's request, I am writing to provide some details about
me.  (I thought I had introduced myself when I first joined the list in
the Fall of 1998, but I may be wrong.)  I warn you, it's not very

I am a thirty-six year old freelance writer in Hamilton, Ontario (just
outside Toronto) where I also have an independent E.S.L. (English as a
Second Language) practice catering to "yu-haksaeng" ; Korean graduate
students living in Canada.

About a year ago now I returned from An Yang Si where I had been living
and working --with my wife--  for two years.  I am writing a
multi-generational novel about, in part, the Korean
student movement.  I am now heavily engaged in the research part of the
writing process (a task which, I imagine, will last a good two to three
years more) and I
will be returning to Korea this year to reestablish links with both
Korean and
expatriate friends there.

My previous writings --fiction and non-fiction articles, as well, as
reviews-- have appeared in The Hamilton Spectator, Worklines Magazine:
Official Publication of the Ontario Workers Arts
& Heritage Centre, The ACA News: Alberta Council on Aging, The
Westminster Affairs: Newsletter of The Westminster Institute For Ethics
and Human Values, and on "This Morning" (a national daily radio program
of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  My most recent work --an
essay in autobiographical fiction-- entitled, "Worldmaking (A Homage to
Robert Frost)" will appear in the forthcoming February 1999 edition of
The New Observer (formerly, The Tokyo Observer), a Tokyo based English
language magazine of cultural and political affairs.

I hold an Honors B.A. (Philosophy, Trent University, '87 ), a B.A.
(Gerontology, McMaster  University, '93), as well as, an M.A.
(Philosophy, McMaster University, '95 << Thesis: "Geneaolgy as A
Practice of Freedom: Foucault's Historical Critique">> and I am
committed to exploring as many sides as possible of the sorts of issues
that pertain to my work in a professional and scholarly (i.e. balanced)
manner.  I try my best to appreciate all the comments I receive and I am
grateful for the recommendations I have received (and I hope will
continue to receive in the future) regarding references for further


Mike Goodwin
goodwin at nas.net


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