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Chungmoo Choi cchoi at uci.edu
Thu Feb 4 11:57:24 EST 1999

Actually as David will find soon, the film "the KAPF Writers" is not much
about taking sides (although Yi Kwang-su appears as the main antagonist at
the beginning) but mostly how Ri Ch'an gets to be enlightened by the Great
Leader and wrote the "General's Song" upon the guidance of Kim Chong-suk
regarding the "Anti-Japanese Literature" which has been adopted as DPRK's
canon since the 1960s.  Of course the story follows Ri's love story.  In a
way this 9-part film delineates the ideological genealogy of DPRK's own
literary history. 

Chungmoo Choi

At 10:52 AM 2/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>FYI, there is an interesting, nine-part tv series on the Korean Artists
>Proletarian Federation, produced for DPRK tv, which devotes quite a bit of
>time and attention (so far; I have just started viewing it) to Yi Kwang
>Su...  Naturally, the issue of who was taking what kind of stand vis-s-vis
>Japan is a key theme in the series.


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