[KS] Re: Cheju Narratives

Joshua Margolis jmargoli at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Thu Jul 15 13:31:33 EDT 1999

>From what I've read and the discussions that have been going on in the
soc.culture.korean and alt.politics.korea NGs over the years, my understand
was that kimsoft is isn't exactly an unbiased, reliable source of
information, despite the disclaimers on its Web site to the contrary.
Although it's a bit time-consuming, you might want to run a Deja News search
of "kimsoft" to see the posting history.


> Dear List Members:
> I recently received the following message through another list (see
> below).
> I have known about the "personal narratives" referred to in this message
> for a while now, and I'd be interested in hearing from anyone capable of
> commenting on their validity.
> Incidentally, in no way am I suggesting that these narratives are not
> entirely truthful.  I'm simply interested in any information that could
> help me assess them for myself!  Thank you.
> Mike Goodwin
> (Greenville, N.C.)


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