[KS] Cheju Narratives

Michael Goodwin mgoodwin at greenvillenc.com
Thu Jul 15 10:01:28 EDT 1999

Dear List Members:

I recently received the following message through another list (see

I have known about the "personal narratives" referred to in this message
for a while now, and I'd be interested in hearing from anyone capable of
commenting on their validity.

Incidentally, in no way am I suggesting that these narratives are not
entirely truthful.  I'm simply interested in any information that could
help me assess them for myself!  Thank you.

Mike Goodwin
(Greenville, N.C.)

N.B. The following is the message I received:

Your help is needed for the victims of the Cheju 4.3 Massacre:

Gen. Kim Ik Ruhl commanded the South Korean 9th Regiment on Cheju.  He
chronicled his first-hand knowledge of the tragedy in his memoir:
<http://www.kimsoft.com/1997/43kim0.htm>The Truth about the 4.3
Uprising. Gen Kim negotiated a peaceful settlement of the insurrection
with the
rebel commander and his American superiors commended his mission
but pro-Japanese Korean traitors forced him off the island and tricked
Americans into reversing Gen. Kim's agreements with the rebels.

Kim's 9th Regiment was ordered to conduct scorched-earth campaigns
against innocent villagers and tens of thousands of the villagers were
put to
death in some of cruelest ways imaginable (see
<http://www.kimsoft.com/1997/cheju.htm> Cheju April 3rd Massacre Not

Gen. Kim's memoir will make an ideal source for a docu-drama. If you can

help, please email: editor at kimsoft.com.


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