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Sung-jin Yang sungjin98 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 00:39:20 EDT 1999

Dear List,

The Click into the Hermit Kingdom series, a weekly series of The Korea 
Times, has put up 70th installment this week (all the articles are available 
at www.koreatimes.co.kr).

The Korea Times management said it will allow me to continue the series 
until the 100th installment.

And some of my friends suggest I might publish it as a book. But I have no 
idea whether the idea is commercially viable and workable in the first 
place, and whether there are any potential reader willing to pay for it. If 
you have any suggestion (ex: forget it, or look for publishers in GK, or 
U.S. or elsewhere, or this particular publishing house may be helpful...), 
please feel free to e-mail me (sungjin98 at hotmail.com).

Also I am thinking about the e-mail push service. If you would like to have 
the installment delivered to your e-mail account, please send your e-mail 
address and brief introduction of yourself, and I will send my article to 
you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

For the 100th installment (after 30 more weeks from now), I may ask some of 
those who ask for my e-mail push service (which is my voluntary work) to 
contribute a small article or simple contratulatory remark.

Thank you for your attention

YANG Sung-jin

Staff Reporter
The Korea Times (Seoul)

Tel: 82-2-724-2344
Mobile: 011-9787-9486
e-mail: sungjin98 at hotmail.com

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