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Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Jul 12 19:09:11 EDT 1999


After a lull in the first half of 1999, _Korean Studies Review_ is coming
back to life with a series of reviews in the next few months.  As we have
established a partnership with _Acta Koreana_ and are publishing more and
more pieces that have appeared elsewhere, we encourage those whose reviews
have appeared in journals less likely to come to the attention of Korean
Studies specialists (i.e. not _JAS_ or _Korean Studies_) to submit them to
us for electronic redistribution.  (We will need permission from the
original publisher, of course).

We still remain committed to first publication of reviews here and at the
moment have the following titles available.  Anyone interested in reviewing
one of the books below should contact me at <Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz>;
please do not respond to the list as a whole.

Currently up for grabs:

_Strengthened Abilities: Assessing the Vision of Tosan Chang-Ho Ahn_,
ed. by Tschung-Sun Kim and Michael Reinschmidt.

_A Ready-Made Life: Early Masters of Modern Korean Fiction_, selected and
translated by Kim Chong-un and Bruce Fulton.

_College Korean_, by M. Rogers, C. You, and K. Richards.

_The Early Lyrics 1941-1960: Poems by So Chong-Ju (Midang)_, Translated and
Introduced by Brother Anthony of TaizŽ.

_Day-Shine, Poetry by Chong Hyon-jong_, Translated by Wolhee Choe and Peter

_My Very Last Possession and Other Stories_, Pak Wan-s™. Edited by Chun

_The Prophet and Other Stories_, Yi Chong-jun, transl. by Julie Pickering.

Finally, those who have recently produced books in Korean Studies and can
contact their publishers to make review copies available should feel free
to get in touch.



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