[KS] Re: CALL FOR PAPERS - Yale Conference on Women in Asia

Wayne K. Patterson PATTWK at mail.snc.edu
Thu Jun 17 10:56:24 EDT 1999

Dear Prof. Tustin --

	I saw your notice about your conference on East Asian women and 
since I will be at Harvard University during the coming academic 
year, I thought I might propose a talk on Korean picture brides 
coming to Hawaii between 1910 and 1924.  My paper would be drawn 
from a chapter in a forthcoming book entitled The Ilsei:  First 
Generation Korean Immigrants in Hawaii, 1903-1973 (Honolulu:  
University of Hawaii Press, 2000).  Could you please let me know 
if you think this topic would be appropriate for your 
conference?  If so, could you also give some information about 
lodging, travel, honoraria, etc?  I am leaving this afternoon 
for five weeks in Asia, so I won't be able to respond to your 
reply until the end of July at the earliest.

	Thank you.

	Wayne Patterson

	Professor of History
	St. Norbert College


	Visiting Scholar
	Fairbank Center
	Harvard University

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